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CPS' Buyer's Representation Goals:  To identify Purchase opportunities that meets our
Client's economic, geographic, investment, and facility requirements, compare them, rank them, and
negotiate arduously for purchase terms that are advantageous to our Client."
* Provide comprehensive list of purchase opportunities on market (and off) that meet our Client's site, facility's and or investment criteria
* Provide recent and relevant completed purchase transactions in area client desires to purchase, to educate client on current market conditions   
* Compare, evaluate and Rank potential available purchase options for:
a) location attributes:
1) demographics
2) drive time data for current employees
3) traffic count data
4) market lease rates & vacancy rates
5) availabilities of potential employees, etc...
b) Floor Plan efficiency for Buyers' unique use or flexibility for potential Tenant's use
c) Racking and warehousing efficiency (for industrial space)
d) Pricing (per sq. ft.)
e) Parking
f) other Client defined key attributes   
* Obtain and provide estimated cost of tenant improvements for Buyer to retrofit potential purchase building for it's use or potential tenant's use   
* Complete lease versus buy analysis if buyer is a user of the building     
* Identify any functional obsolescence a of any of the opportunities under consideration for purchase
* Contract for client, experts to determine current physical condition (both structural and building systems) of potential building to be purchase and property's
environmental risk assessment       
* Identify multiple option that meet client's requirement giving client leverage in negotiations
* Negotiate advantageous Purchase terms (drafting offer and counter offers, goal to minimize risk and maximize return for Client.)
* Review purchase contract, add easy outs, maximize due diligence time, and add Seller disclosure sheets.    

CPS' Sole Fiduciary Responsibility is to our Client, the Buyer, (Seller's broker responsibility is to the Landlord)   
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