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CPS' Seller Representation Goals: To advise to create value, to market to maximize exposure, and to negotiate
to obtain highest price and beneficial purchase contract terms for the Seller.

Seller Sales Representation Services Includes:
*Determine Market Value
*Create and Implement a Marketing Plan for the Property
*Maximize exposure to Maximize Selling Price or Lease Rate
*Produce Competition, to create leverage and negotiating power for Seller/Landlord
*Draft Purchase or  Lease Contracts that Protect Landlord/Seller, get disclaimers and disclosure items executed

Sample CPS' Marketing Plan- CPS will create a personalize marketing plan for our potential Client's Property(s),
addressing each property's unique characteristics.

1)   Determine Property's Market Value

A.      Market/Comparitive Evaluation
1. Provide and compare completed lease and/or sale transactions within the last year that happen within the market area of the
subject property to be sold and/or leased.
a) Adjust for differences in comparable properties then project the market sales price and lease rate range for the subject
B.      Income Approach Evaluation
1.  Determine Net Operating Income of the Subject Property and using Market Capitalization Rates for the Subject's Property's
market area and Product type estimate Sales Price Range.
C.      Highest and Best Use and Replacement Value Approach Evaluation
1.  Determine Highest and Best Use of the Property and if use is different than current Property's use then assist to determine   
if market value after conversion, less cost of converting, is more than its current market value AS-IS
2.  Replacement Value- Estimate cost to replace property and structures on it, including Land cost plus estimated construction
CPS will assign a weight to each approach, per its appropriatenessto the subject Property and with the owner's input determine market value,
correct asking price or Cap Rate to meet its Client's goals.

2)   Maximize Exposure for our Client's Property(s) to potential Buyers, Tenants, and other Brokers

A.      Principle Mailers
1. To Investors
2. 1031 Exchange Clients
3. User with acquisition criteria that matches the attributes of our Client's Property.
B.      CO-OP  Market to all San Diego Commercial Brokers
1.  Offer split commission to co-op broker
2.  Immediate putting it on all of San Diego's major Commercial Multiple Listing Services including Xceligent, CoStar Property,
Loopnet, Property First, and Market Xpress.
3.  Sending out mass e-mails (using
CPS proprietary Broker E-mail list) of Property Brochures to  Brokerage community
4.  Present property at Investment Broker meetings
5.  Call to key brokers in the market area of the property      
C.      Promotion and cold calling
1.  Tenants/Purchaser within a 3 mile radius of the Property
2.  Tenant/Purchasers with similar purchase or lease criteria and property being marketed.
D.      Create a Profession Sale Offering and Leasing Marketing Package for the Subject Property
1.  Professionally Package all the information a decision maker, emphasising Client's property positive attributes
2.  One page tickler brochure to generate interest and calls
E.       Advertising
1. Professional Property Signs
2. Newspaper and periodical ads

3)    Negotiate & Draft Purchase Contracts and Leases for Client
A.        Negotiate Tight Deal, with short due diligence and no easy outs
B.        Protect the Client by getting appropriate disclaimers and disclosure forms signed by Buyer  
C.        Draft and review Purchase and/or Lease Contract with Client.
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