Commercial Properties Services "CPS"
CPS' Tenant Representation Goals:  To save time and money for our clients
by identifying the available lease opportunities in the market that meets their economic,
geographic, demographic and facility requirements then compare them, rank them, and
negotiate arduously to procure the lease space with lease terms and condition that are
advantageous and protect our Client's interest."
CPS' Tenant  Representation Includes the following Services to insure our client's success:
CA. Real Estate Broker's License #00874893
                                                                                                                Serving San Diego County

National City,  Del Mar Heights,  Carmel Valley,  Encinitas,  Cardiff,   Solana Beach,  Del Mar,  Kearny Mesa,  National City,  Chula Vista  

Eastlake,  Otay Mesa,  Rancho Bernardo,  Poway,  Scripps Ranch,  Torrey Pines,  Downtown,  La Jolla,  Governor Park,  Miramar,  

Oceanside,  Carlsbad,  Santee,  El Cajon,  La Mesa,  UTC,  Golden Triangle,  Downtown San Diego,  Hillcrest,  Bankers Hill,  Uptown,  

North Park,  Mission Valley,  Rose Canyon,  Clairemont/Morena Area,  Pacific Beach,  Old Town,  Point Loma,  Liberty Station,  

Sports Arena,  Sorrento Mesa,  Sorrento Valley,  Vista,  San Marcos,   Escondido

  • A Market Survey Report of current available and coming available lease opportunities that meet our Client's site and  facility's
    criteria. We check availability and get all the pertinent details of the Property to make sure its a fit. This save our clients time.

  • Coordination of efficient tours of the potential lease opportunities. Saving countless hrs. for our client.

  • Floor plans of potential spaces, we collect them, evaluate them for their strengths & weaknesses, and then determine if they
    can be reasonably modified to meet our client's needs, at a reasonable tenant improvement cost.   

  • Spreadsheet comparison of  top key attributes of top lease alternatives, including equating different type of lease rates (Gross,
    modify gross, full service, triple net, etc.) so our client can make a apples to apples comparison.

  • Demographic and economic information: For top properties under consideration provide Radius numbers (1,3,5 miles) for:
    Total number of People, Average income Level, Education level, spendable income, population by race, # daytime employees,
    avg. housing cost, and Delivery drive time data analysis.

  • Market Lease Comps- Completed Lease Transaction Comparable(s) in the desired market area. This provide us leverage in
    negotiations along with to educating our Client on market rates.

  • Estimated preliminary tenant improvement cost and assist in coordinating getting contractors bids for improvement work
    from reputable tenant improvement contractors.

  • Expertise and leverage in lease negotiations, with CPS reputation, market knowledge, and its 15+ years of transactional
    history representing tenants it puts our clients in a position of strength during lease negotiations with a Landlord. The Landlord
    will painfully aware you are considering all via alternatives, understand of what the market lease rates/concession are, and that
    he will have to compete for your business.

  • Drafting of lease proposal, letters of intent and counter-offers. Not only do we draft it but then vigorously negotiate for
    beneficial lease terms for our Client, including preferred lease term length, lease rate, tenant improvements allowance to
    customize space, free rent, reasonable annual Increases, option to purchase, first right of refusals, etc...

  • Reviewing Lease Agreements and providing lease comments, explain hidden cost terms and further negotiating lease
    language changes as needed to protect our client's interest.  
Why use CPS' Tenant Representation Services:

    1)  ELIMINATE CONFLICT OF INTEREST. We refuse to represent Landlord in marketing and leasing out their buildings. We
    also legally commit solely to you our fiduciary duty and responsibility. We are then their to protect and battle for your best
    interest. If you think your going to get the best terms by going through the Landlord's agent or representative whose lively hood is
    to procure the best terms and conditions for the Landlord, your mistaken, it is a kin to having the same attorney represent as the
    person trying to sue you. Be prudent and have someone represent you whose sole duty and fiduciary responsibility is represent
    your interest. We are 100% committed to identify and procure the best space that match the attributes you need, and then
    negotiate lease terms that are most advantageous to you.

    2) For our knowledge and Experience: CPS only has seasoned successful brokers with 10++ years of transactional
    experience., and in addition they must of completed at least $100,000,000 worth of transactions. Your broker will have the
    knowledge and resources of equal to the top professionals in the industry.

    3) For the invaluable market information and Tenant Representation Services that will be provided. (per above details).

    4) For the time saving efficiency we bring to the process. CPS  will do all the work, saving you the hassle of making calls,
    checking availability, getting details, scheduling tours, writing and returning emails to multiple agents, putting together a
    comparison sheet, and trying to get an estimated cost for improvement work needed for the space.

    5) To minimize your risk completing a lease transaction. Your CPS advisor will make you aware of negatives attributes of a
    property including if there is functional obsolescences, floor plan inefficiencies, landlord issues, or site issues. We bring a light to
    any hidden cost in a lease and explain lease term deal points. With so many different types of leases and lease charges, CPS
    will use the estimated cost and available information to equate the economic terms of the lease, so you can make an apples to
    apples comparisons. We eliminate ugly surprise and give you the information to make the best decision.

    6) THERE IS NO COST TO YOU! Landlord's generally pay all brokerage fees Landlords generally pay brokerage fees to Listing
    Brokers who then split fees with Tenant's Brokers.

    7) To find the Right Property! With CPS' proprietary databases of Landlords, Listing Brokers, and current market information,
    we make sure we are uncovering every rock to determine the viable options in the present and what may become available in the
    future. With CPS' focus on your requirement, you can rest assure you're not missing something that might work the best for your
Commercial Properties Services Tenant Representation Services.
Our Tenant Representation Services will identify the for available lease opportunities and then secure the
optimal retail, office, or industrial space that will best enable your business to be successful and grow. We
are here to be your expert and your workhorse in the beginning, middle, and end of the leasing process.
Furthermore, we are also here to support you after you have completed your transaction if and when their is
an issue with the your landlord or you need to relocate, expand or renew. This is why 90% of our business
come from referrals or repeat business because we have earned our clients trust, respect, and they know
the value that we bring to the table.

The CPS' advantage is you will have
a season successful licensed real estate broker representing you
with at minimum of ten years transactional experience
in the San Diego County market area (not a sale
agent that has limited experience and knowledge like you find at larger firms).   Our brokerage services
come with a 100% guarantee, which means that if you’re not happy with your exclusive tenant or buyer
representation services then we will give you any fee we have earned in the transaction if the dissatisfaction
has come from services under our control. Additionally, unlike most commercial real estate companies in
San Diego, we do not represent Landlord's in leasing out their space, so
we eliminate the "conflict of
" in a lease transaction (Landlord's Agent when they represent you inherently have a conflict of
interest). You will be certain, with CPS as your representative will always a representative working diligently
to protect you, minimize  your risk and obtain the best terms for you in the lease transaction, as not only is
that our sole fiduciary responsibility to you, but it is how we grow our business.

When we exclusively represent you this is a
"No Cost Service"  as the Landlord is responsible for all fees
and generally pays Landlord's broker a fee which is then split with Tenant's broker. We look forward to
providing you with valuable market information and services (as further described below)  which will allow
you to save time, money, and to be successful.
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