*A Market Survey Report of current available lease opportunities that meet our Client's site and  facility's criteria. We check
availability and get all the pertinent details of the Property, saving our clients time.

*Coordination of efficient tours of the potential lease opportunities. Saving countless hrs. for our client.

*Floor plans of potential spaces, we collect them, evaluate them for their strengths & weaknesses, and then determine if
they can be reasonably modified to meet our client's needs, at a reasonable tenant improvement cost.   

*Spreadsheet comparison of  top key attributes of top lease alternatives, including equate spaces different type of lease rates
so our client can make a apples to apples comparison.

*Demographic and economic information, traffic counts, Education level of employee with a radius and drive time data
analysis for top alternatives.

*Market Lease Comps- Completed Lease Transaction in the desired market area, to educate our Client on market rates and
to provide additional leverage in lease negotiations.

*Estimated preliminary tenant improvement cost and assist in coordinating getting contractors bids for improvement work
from reputable tenant improvement contractors.

*Drafting of lease proposal, letters of intent and counter-offers and vigorously negotiate for beneficial lease terms for our
Client, including preferred lease term length, lease rate, tenant improvements allowance to customize space, free rent,
reasonable annual Increases, option to purchase, first right of refusals, etc...

*Reviewing Lease Agreements and providing lease comments and further negotiating lease language changes as

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Commercial Properties Services "CPS"
Why use CPS' Tenant Representation services?  

1)  CPS' sole fiduciary duty is to protect and battle for our client's interest, thus we use are best efforts
to procure the space that meets your needs with terms that are most advantageous to you.
CPS will have a
never have "conflict of interest" as we don't represent Landlord's in leasing out their buildings. Landlord's
agent's duty and survival is based on looking after the Landlord's interest by procuring the most rent and best
lease terms for the Landlord.

2) To add experience and knowledge to your team. CPS only has veteran brokers, your broker will have
at least 15 years of successful commercial real estate experience and will have completed at least
$100,000,000 worth of transactions and will have the knowledge and resource that matches all the top
professional in the industry.

3) For the invaluable market information and broker services you will gain, (scroll down for further

4) For the time saving efficiency we bring to the process, as with CPS  "doing all the work" you'll save
countless days of work and hassles making calls, checking availability, getting details, scheduling tours,
writing and returning email's to multiple agents, putting together a comparison sheet and trying to get
estimated ball park cost for tenant improvement work needed for the space.

6) THERE IS NO COST TO YOU!!!  (Landlords and Property owner generally pay brokerage fees and
generally to Listing Brokers who split fees with the Tenant Broker.

7) To find the Right Property! With our proprietary databases of Landlords, Listing Broker and market
information we make sure we are uncovering every rock and to determine what are the viable options now and
in the future. With
CPS'  100% focused on your requirement, you can rest assure your not missing something
that might work the best for your business.
CPS' Tenant Representation Goals:  To save time and money for our clients by identifying the
available lease opportunities in the market that meets their economic, geographic, demographic and facility
requirements then compare them, rank them, and negotiate arduously to procure the lease space with lease
terms and condition that are advantageous and protect our Client's interest."
What are you looking to Lease? Get a no cost Market Survey!
Send us your requirement and we will strive to deliver to you a up to date market survey of spaces that meet your
requirement before the end of the business day
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5) To minimize your risk in completing a lease transaction, as your CPS expert we will illuminate
negatives and weakness of space and the property, and fully explain hidden cost and meaning of deal points.
We will equate the different types of economic deal lease terms of different lease to enable you to make an
apples to apples comparison. Our goal is give you ALL the information and assistance to make the best
decision, for you to know your liabilities in the transaction, and to eliminate negative surprises.
*Expertise and leverage in lease negotiations, with CPS reputation, its over 15 yrs. of transactional history and its
completion of  over five hundred of million dollars worth of transactions it puts our clients in a position of strength with lease
negotiation with a Landlord. The Landlord will know you will have seen and are considering all via alternative and that you will
have a clear understanding of what the market lease rates, concessions and lease terms are.
Tenant  Representation Services by CPS include providing our Clients:
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