Buyer Representation Services Includes:
*Market Data and Availability List                    *Investment Analysis     
*Purchase vs. Lease Analysis                          *Geographic Data and Analysis  
*Facilities Evaluation                                         *Demographics  
*Financing Assistance                                       *Negotiations

1)  Market Data and Availability List:
A) Potential Purchase Property List, (properties listed & not listed),
CPS provides its Client(s) with a comprehensive list of available property(s) for sale in Client's desired Market Area which meet our
Client's defined minimum facilities or investment requirement.
a)  CPS is a member of all four of the major Commercial multiple listing services for San Diego County ensuring our client reviews
all property that meet its criteria.
CPS has a proprietary data base of most of the owners of Commercial Property in San Diego, and can do custom searches
of property that meet our Client's needs and will upon request contact owners to attempt to spur them into completing a sales
transaction when its not currently on the market for sale.
B) Comparison of Potential Acquisition Properties
1.  CPS provides it Client(s) a spread sheet, comparing price, amenities and salient characteristics of available properties that meet    
our Client's minimum criteria.
C) Sale and Lease comparable(s)
1.  CPS provide its Client(s) data on purchase and lease transactions completed in the last year in its Client's interested market area.
We educate our Clients so they know what market price is for a subject
property and then work with them to facilitate transactions where the Clients purchases at fair market price or below.
D) Seller's acquisition cost and tax roll basis.
E) Subject Property's Area Characteristics and Market Data
1) Area's average vacancy rate
2) Area's lease up absorption rate
3) Average lease rates
4) Typical Investment Capitalization rate for similar type properties

2)  Facilities Evaluation and Purchase vs. Lease Analysis for User:
A) Lease versus Buying cost analysis, determine which is optimal for the Client.
B) Estimate required Tenant Improvement, repairs, and their cost
1) Assist client find contract to bid out improvements
2) Assist space planning to determine improvement needed
3) Get qualify contractor to review the condition of the property
C) Assist client identify key traits that will maximize utility of building for the Client
D) Compare efficiencies and obsolescence of competing potential purchase properties

3)  Investment Analysis for Potential Purchase Properties:
A) Income and Expense Statement reviewed and analysis
1) Review for inconsistencies and accuracy vs. audited leases
2) Review reserve for vacancies, improvement, commissions, and repairs vs. industries averages
B) Vacancy projections
1) Project lease up time of existing vacancies using market averages
2) Project vacancy of project using industries averages
C) Estimate repairs needed to the property
and how they effect overall return.
E) Determine Development potential and Highest and Best use of the Property
1) Economical feasibility for conversion
2) Development proforma and feasibility
F) Identify improvement items that will add value/return to the property.
G) Provide Lease synopsis of existing leases on the project
1) Provide summary of strength and weaknesses of general lease being use
2) Spread sheet of rent, expiration dates, options, schedule rent increase, expenses tenant is responsible for, etc..

4.) Demographics and Geographic Analysis :
A) Determine Drive Time differences for Client's customers and employees
B) Geographic Area's Long term growth and historical appreciation rates.
C) Geographic Market Area's sale prices, demographics, space absorption rates, and lease rates
1) Analysis strengths and weakness

5.) Financing Assistance:
A) Packaging Client's financial information for a loan consideration.
B) Recommend lenders that are most competitive on type of property being purchased.
C) Compare loan cost

6)  Negotiations:
A) CPS provides experience, leverage and market information to its Client, which facilitates making the right decision and
achieving optimal results.
B) Draft offers and counter offers with market or better due diligence periods and outs to be able to properly evaluate purchase
C) Draft and Review Purchase contract and escrow instructions
D) Get full deposit back
if due diligence information is inconsistence with given sale packages information or renegotiate deal.
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CPS' Buyer Representation Goals: To locates the property(s) that meets our Client's purchase and investment
goals, guiding them efficiently through the acquisition process, saving them time, money and making sure its the optimal
property per their requirements''
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